If you’re a pet owner, and on the edge about purchasing turf for your lawn, one looming question is whether or not it will hold up to your pets. Worn areas are created in natural grass from the notorious running path, and playing fetch and pushing off of the ground can also lead to wear and tear. And then there is dog urine that can yellow or kill natural grass.

K9 Pet Turf West Palm Beach

Eliminating the Problem

Synthetic turf cannot be destroyed by pets – gone are the unsightly spots and damage that causes reseeding year after year. Using turf means you get a low-maintenance, lush lawn that stays green, regardless of what season it is.

Digging Fido?

If your dog is the type that loves to scratch and dig, he or she will be disappointed after you install turf. The nylon fibers used to create the mesh backing for turf are resilient – meaning he won’t be able to get very far digging. Encourage your pet instead to find other things to play with or ways to get its energy out, in the event that there are spots to refill if they become dislodged (depending on the filler used).


Pet waste is something you can’t avoid if you have a pet. Urine and feces can kill natural grass or discolor it, leaving large bald spots in your grass. When you have turf, yes, it has to be picked up and rinsed, but the urine and water will drain through, meaning no bald spots on your grass!

And because most brands of turf include anti-bacterial agents that further help eliminate odors, you don’t have to worry about the smell.

Complete Synthetic Turf - Pet Turf

Built to Last

Because it’s scientifically formulated to withstand whatever you throw its way, it will look good and feel good under your feet for years to come. With turf, not only do you not have to spend hours on landscaping – you don’t have to worry about pets destroying it either!


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