Advantages of Adding a Putting Green to Your Yard

Imagine you have a long day at work. You come home after sitting in traffic and find out the rest of your family already has other plans. Finally! You can get to the green. But what if you didn’t have to leave your home – or fight traffic and load up your clubs to get to your favorite putting green? What if it was in your backyard?

You can fine-tune your skills and enjoy the peace and quiet and have the green all to yourself. And you’ll have more time to practice if you don’t have to drive anywhere.

IMG_2786 (1).jpgWhat about Space?

Don’t let size or an odd shape stop you from thinking about installing a putting green. Our experts at Complete Synthetic Turf can easily help you create a space that fits and checks all your boxes – so you’ll have a challenging green that makes you want to master it, and adds a new element to your landscaping at the same time!

High-performance turf will provide a realistic spread and don’t forget about customization! Using turf of different colors, shades, and slopes will help your green fit your personality and landscaping, and also let you pick just how challenging you want your green to be.


Make it an Attractive Focal Point

While you’re picturing the end result of enjoying your new green and visiting with friends, don’t skimp on the details of creating the perfect spot for getting together with friends – by creating a focal point in your yard, you’ll soon be hosting your golfing group.

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A Haven for Beginners

Wish you could share your love of golf with the rest of the family? Not only can you improve your own game from the convenience of your back yard you can also help beginners in the house to learn the right technique to help them build confidence on the course. Teaching someone else the right grips can be challenging, but having fewer pressures of time and space at home will help put them at ease.  

Plan to use it Regularly

Be prepared for your new green to turn into one of your favorite spots. If you design it smartly and add the features you’ll get the most of and make you enjoy your yard, you’ll find yourself in a golfers paradise in no time!

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