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Featured Install: Jensen Beach Backyard Putting Green

Featured Install: Jensen Beach Backyard Putting Green

Complete Synthetic Turf

With a combined experience of 40+ years, Complete Synthetic Turf is the trusted choice for artificial grass installation in Palm Beach County (West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington), Martin County and the Treasure Coast!

We sell and install many varieties of artificial grass for lawns, playgrounds, dog runs, putting greens, athletic fields, golf facilities, bocce courts, and much more. Complete Synthetic Turf also provides synthetic turf maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of existing facilities and homes.

Artificial Grass for Your Lawn

Artificial Grass for Lawns has come a long way.  It looks more like natural grass than ever before.  You can have the look of a natural lawn with state of the art synthetic grass.  We can install artificial grass around driveways, sidewalks, pools and decks.

Many people are switching to synthetic turf lawns because it needs less or no maintenance than natural lawns and looks beautiful.  Also, there are many hazards posed by traditional lawns, such as insect invasion and weed growth. The amount of water needed to maintain natural lawns can be very expensive, and the chemicals used to treat regular grass can be hazardous.

Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Backyard putting greens are becoming more and more popular and for good reasons.  Most people consider a backyard putting green an investment.  Not only do you get the benefit of not having to pay for lawn care or maintain a natural lawn yourself you can put whenever you feel like it.  It is a win-win.

It is relatively inexpensive to install a backyard putting green and it could end up saving you money in the long run.  We can install putting greens, sand traps and chipping pads. We can also design the putting green to have more than one shade of green for a special look.

We install backyard putting greens and indoor putting greens for both residential and commercial customers.

Artificial Grass for Pool Surrounds

Not only does artificial grass look good around a pool, it is less messy and less dangerous than natural grass.  Think about how people splash around the pool area.  Once you get water on natural grass, it mixes with mud and people can track grass and mud into the pool and into your home.

With natural looking artificial grass around your pool, you eliminate the possibility of a mess.  Properly installed state-of-the-art artificial grass helps to drain water away from the surface of the artificial grass keeping it dryer than natural grass reducing the possibility of slipping.

Artificial Grass for Sports Fields

Artificial grass is becoming a more popular option for sports fields where owners look to balance cost-efficiency and functionality. Not only does the low-maintenance nature of artificial grass help you save time and money, artificial turf is also resistant to many of the problems commonly found on sports fields.

At Complete Synthetic Turf we use only the highest quality Artificial Grass for Sports Fields.  Our synthetic grass solutions are American Made of the highest quality, and they can ensure your sports field stays even and easy to maintain. You’ll save time and money while also improving the safety of your field.

Artificial Grass for Your Pets

When you have natural grass you will typically need to use harsh chemicals to take care of it.  These harsh chemicals are not good for humans and especially your pets.  These chemicals can put your dog in danger.

The natural grass affects your pet as much as your pets affect your natural grass.  Pets have a tendency to tear up the lawn often leaving bald spots that are difficult to keep up with.

All of this can be taken care of with artificial grass.  The professionals at Complete Synthetic Turf are experts when it comes to K9 Turf, Artificial Grass for Dogs and dog runs.  Not only is the K9 Turf easy to maintain, it is the safest thing you can install for your dogs.  You no longer need to choose between your fuzzy best friend or a nice looking lawn.  Now you can have both!

Playground Surfacing

Artificial grass for playgrounds is an especially good choice for several reasons.  Playgrounds are high traffic areas and they are prime areas for accidents to happen.  Natural grass just doesn’t cut it for playground surfacing.  Artificial grass makes the perfect playground surfacing.

Consider the maintenance that goes into keeping up with the natural grass in a playground area whether that playground is in a school or in a neighborhood.  These are very popular areas and the ground hardly stands a chance against the traffic.

If children fall from the monkey bars, you want to make sure they have a soft landing.  That is the benefit of artificial grass for playgrounds.  It is much safer and much easier to maintain than natural grass.  We can even add special padding under the artificial grass.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment. We can be reached at 561-277-8267.

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