Did you know that there are a variety of ways turf can be used to dress up your yard beyond large spans of yard?

Most people think about the whole yard being redone with synthetic turf. And while that looks amazing, conserves water, and saves you money over a decade, there are other uses for artificial grass that can bump up the wow factor while checking those other boxes at the same time!

Whether you have a small yard or want something different for your patio or porch, synthetic turf can provide you with low-maintenance solutions.

Small Space Solution

Turf can be used to create a green space on a balcony or patio – and adding your favorite lounge chair and a few plants can make for a perfect sanctuary after a long day. You can also apply turf over concrete to change the look of a flat roof area, or up steps or on seating areas for a natural look to provide a little more cushion.

Artscape or landscape?

Did you know that synthetic grass comes in a variety of shades? Create lawns that double as a work of art. You can create a checkerboard design or geometric designs and don’t be afraid to go vertical and create privacy walls or cover the side of a garage.

Paver and Turf Paths

Create interesting pathways through your garden or yard with different shades, shapes, sizes, and pavers to fit your needs.

Because you won’t need to water your turf, the options are endless. By going vertical or applying turf over concrete or other areas where there is no drainage, you won’t have to worry about not creating your dream space. The best part is that because it’s low-maintenance, you’ll spend more time enjoying your yard instead of maintaining it!

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