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Bocce BallSpending entertaining time at home with the whole family can be challenging. You and your wife could go jogging, but your speed and distance would be limited by your twelve-year-old twins. The family could go hiking or boating or go to a sports event, but now you have to spend time planning, packing up the family vehicle and thinking about where to eat, not to mention the cost. Sitting at home playing cards or watching old movies may be considered family entertainment, but it seems a little lack luster. It may be time to consider a Backyard Bocce Court.

Bocce is the third most popular sport in the world, after soccer and golf. Twenty-five million people in the U.S. alone play bocce.

Bocce in its current form was played as early as 264 B.C. in Rome. No one really knows how old bocce is, but stone balls dating back to 9000 B.C. have been found in Turkey.

According to the US Bocce Federation, the court must be precisely 86.92 feet long and 13.12 feet wide. This court configuration needs to be adhered to for official competitive matches. Bocce courts also have a single foul line on each half for pointing and shooting, located 13′ from each back wall and a centerline midway on the court.  While the official court size offers the most competitive environment, casual play allows for a wider variety of court sizes. Installing a bocce court in your backyard is typically limited by the dimensions of your yard. Traditionally, backyard courts are 60 feet long and 12 feet wide but can be adjusted proportionately so long as the centerline and foul lines are established and marked. Bocce courts don’t have a set surface requirement, and US courts see the greatest variation in surfaces. Common surfaces include clay, crushed oyster shell and clay, packed dirt or artificial grass. Artificial grass, referred to as synthetic turf or fake grass, provides the most durable surface with minimal maintenance. A proper bocce court has backboards and sideboards that players can use to bounce balls off during play for more strategic options. The most common court framing options for backyard courts are railroad ties or timber ties which are pressure treated and securely affixed to the ground.

A family can spend an enjoyable afternoon or evening together in their backyard while barbecuing and playing Bocce without leaving the comforts of their home. Or it can turn into a gathering of friends and neighbors enjoying each other’s company. Bocce is definitely a better option than sitting inside watching TV.

Whatever your vision, Complete Synthetic Turf can help you design your Bocce Court and make it a reality giving you hours of entertainment with your family in your own backyard.

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Bocce Ball Court

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