Here are a few frequently answered questions to some pressing questions you may have as you consider taking the plunge. Let us help you figure out the what and how and let us help you with the when and design a back yard you’re sure to love for years to come!


What is it?

A grass-like ground cover that replicates natural grass in appearance and function. When used as a landscape cover, synthetic turf provides low maintenance, weed-free surface that doesn’t need to be watered or fertilized. In athletic fields, turf provides year-round, all-weather playing surface designed to withstand longtime use without downtime for recovery.


How is it made?

Today, most synthetic turf systems include several layers to make up what you see, including a drainage layer, multi-layered backing system, and resilient grass blades that are infilled with filler to resemble natural turf.

Infilled is man-made grass blades are interspersed with topsoil created with sand and/or granulated tires or other infill materials that provide stability, uniformity, and resiliency.



Why is it popular?

Turf is a great solution for playing fields and landscape that has either become unsightly from overuse or severe climatic conditions. It is designed to simulate the experience of practicing and playing on the best grass fields.

Is maintenance required?

Yes – but much less time and money than required to maintain a natural grass field. Synthetic turf needs to be maintained to maximize playability and life of the product.

What impact does heat have on synthetic turf?

During especially hot summer days, in direct sunlight, surface temperatures of synthetic turf can get significantly hotter than service temperatures of a natural turf field.

Have more questions? Our team is ready to help you determine if turf is a good fit for your home, athletic field, or commercial property. Contact us to schedule a consultation and start designing your ideal oasis!



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