In addition to being a landscaping focal point, minimal maintenance (and NO watering!) … one lesser-thought of advantages to synthetic turf is that there are no bugs! From rooftop gardens and indoor playing areas, putting greens, and dog runs – places where you don’t want bacteria or pests in the first place – now you don’t have to worry about them.


Artificial turf is made up of several layers, which are resistant to weeds; the synthetic blades and infill discourage fleas, tics, and other pests from taking residence in your lawn, while also reducing bacterial growth. And … varmints that may previously want to tunnel underground will not be able to damage your lawn. That’s money, and time well spent!


You want to be able to fully enjoy your space – and that means having the confidence to send your kids out to play or to not have to worry about what bugs your dog is bringing back into the house. Because the surface doesn’t sag as natural grass does over time, and because of the better drainage and standing water, it prevents mosquitoes and other insects that thrive from being near water from breeding in your lawn.


No exposed soil means there is no ready food supply for the insects that thrive on bacteria that are found in soil, so ants, gnats, and spiders will have to find a new home.

Synthetic Grass putting Green installation

It’s up to you – do you want a lawn that’s clean and ready for play – or a lawn that’s inviting pests to move in and making you clean more from the soil, bacteria, and other insects that come along with natural grass.


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