Designing Your Backyard Play Area with Synthetic Turf

Synthetic Turf is a great option for children’s play areas. Other surfaces, such as mulch, gravel, or rubber tiles either fade, are tough on knees and small hands, or don’t have the same look and natural cushion as turf.

Synthetic Turf is healthier (no allergens), cleaner (no mud to be tracked in), and safer (the FallSoft technology means a safer place to fall).

Consider Your Options

When designing a backyard play area, you’ll want to think about the ages of your children and make the space something that can either grow with your children or can be used for another purpose if they grow out of playground equipment. There are lots of options for pre-fabricated playsets, or you can build your own custom area, being sure to create a space that will encourage your child’s imagination and exercise.

Design for Energy and Different Senses

Think of your outdoor play area as different rooms to serve the function you need in the space to help create different areas of play:

  • Activity – is there room to crawl and climb as well as open areas for running or jumping? Consider different heights for space to jump, hide, and let them create games.
  • Activate all the Senses – with flowers to smell, textures to touch, and maybe even a water feature to listen to or as part of the space – like a water table.
  • Encourage Creativity – Perhaps add a platform that can be a stage or an area that could be a makeshift pirate or space ship.
  • Imagination – Building on the space ship, maybe a playhouse or fort type structure to encourage play.
  • Social and Reflective – space to talk with friends, daydream, or simply just be when they need a safe space to go.

If you design with different energy levels in mind, it’ll give your kids a chance to play independently and find things to do for those times they say that they’re bored.

It all starts with the right foundation. Start with synthetic turf and you’ll be happy that your play area is not only safe but looks as good as the rest of your lawn. Call us today to figure out what works best for you!