9 Terrific Benefits of Artificial Turf for Commercial and Residential Properties

benefits of artificial turf

Hundreds of sports fields and stadiums have made the change to artificial turf from natural grass and the idea is catching on for businesses and residences. People are tired of how their lawn looks and the cost and the cost of upkeep, so they’re’ switching to the easier and more cost-effective model.

Are you considering switching from natural grass to artificial turf? The benefits of artificial turf far outweigh those of natural grass. Save your time and money to growing your business or beautifying your house in other ways.

We’ll explain to you the top reasons why artificial turf is better than grass.

Turf Uses Less Water

Grass needs watering or else it turns brown and can even die. If you live in an area where drought is a problem or if you want to conserve water to help the environment, then turf is the way to go. Grass sucks up gallons and gallons of water each year, but turf never needs watering.

It stays green and beautiful even in desert climates. Who wants to pray for rain so the grass looks good or wants to waste water on grass? If you try and water your lawn in a drought, you could get cited by the city if they have an ordinance against it.

Never Mow Your Lawn Again

It’s 100 degrees in the shade, but thanks to the 30-second rain shower at 3 a.m., your grass is long and needs cutting. You don’t want to do it. If you don’t, the nosey neighbor calls the homeowners association or the local police and you get a fine.

Artificial turf is always the perfect length. It never grows no matter how much water it gets or how much time passes. You can sell that old lawnmower and use the money to buy a hammock.

One of the Benefits of Turf is it Saves Money

We all wish we had more money, but it seems the price of everything goes up each year. While there is an upfront cost for installing artificial turf, it more than makes up for it in long-term savings.

How much do you pay to water your lawn each year? How much do you pay for chemical lawn care? How much for gasoline for your lawnmower or the cost of a lawn service?

You may not realize it, but the upkeep of your lawn costs hundreds of dollars each year. You can save that with artificial turf because once it’s installed it requires very little maintenance.

Turf is Beautiful Year-Round

Is there anything more beautiful than an attractive lush green lawn? You’ll be the envy of your neighborhood when your lawn looks amazing from spring through fall while everyone else’s lawn dies or goes brown.

There are many reasons why grass turns brown and the change from fall to winter brings about drab lifeless grass. While everyone else’s lawns look like graveyards, yours looks as good as the first day of spring.

No Worries about Grass Stains

Children are rambunctious and active. They’ll spend hours outside playing and having fun, but when they come inside they’re covered in grass stains. Good luck getting those out of their new clothes.

With artificial turf, grass stains are a problem of the past. They can fall and slide all they want and the clothes stay clean. While kids love grass stains and getting dirty, it’s mom and dad that need to do the laundry and buy new clothes.

Switch to turf and help make your life a little easier.

Uneven Patches and Dead Spots Don’t Exist

The yard always looks best when it’s freshly mowed. Everything is the same length and looks great. Three days later though and there are spots where some grass grows faster than others or dead spots where you can see bare dirt.

It’s unsightly and makes the whole lawn look bad. This isn’t a problem with artificial turf. Since it doesn’t grow or die, it looks great at all times.

No Worries about Bugs or Diseases

Lawn grass is pretty hearty, but that doesn’t mean insect pests and plant diseases can’t wreak havoc on your lawn. If you go outside and see bugs chomping on your blades or looking sickly because of a plant disease, it makes your whole lawn look bad.

There are likely patches of dead grass or areas where the grass looks chewed. Artificial turf isn’t susceptible to these issues. In fact, they often contain anti-bacterial protection so children and pets can play safely without worries of getting sick.

Helps Eliminate Puddling

Have you ever walked out onto your lawn and seen big puddles after heavy rain. The ground becomes saturated and there’s no place for all the excess water to drain. It just sits and slowly drains into the ground over several hours.

When artificial is installed, the ground is prepared and irrigation ducts help route water for drainage. You shouldn’t see any puddles after that. Puddles can lead to irregular grass growth and they make your lawn look like a swamp.

No Chemicals Needed

There are many different companies who come to your home and spray your lawn with fertilizers and other chemicals to help it grow lush and bright. These chemicals can be dangerous to pets and children and aren’t good for the environment.

Artificial turf requires no chemicals because it doesn’t grow or die. You’re helping save the environment and protecting the woodland creatures that call your lawn home.

Artificial Turf is a Good Idea

Artificial turf might sound strange for residential and commercial businesses because it’s often associated with sports fields. You can make your life easier and save considerable money in the long run by ditching the grass and choosing artificial turf.

There are many benefits of artificial turf and more homes and businesses choose this option each year. It’s very popular in areas where drought is common because it doesn’t need water. And just as popular in areas with a lot of rain to eliminate the mud and puddling.

If you want to learn more about the application and benefits of artificial turf, please feel free to explore our website