Prepping for Outdoor Entertaining and Celebrating on Your Turf!

When you think about it, Summertime brings with it lots of chances for outdoor gathering and celebrating. From graduation parties, Memorial Day, birthdays, and everything in between, summer is full of occasions to celebrate the special people in your life. And let’s not forget the sake of having a party just to show off your landscaping. With synthetic turf, there are plenty of ways to use your yard and reasons to have a party.

Picking the Color Scheme

Whether you’re using school colors, favorite colors for a birthday celebration, or red, white, and blue for Memorial Day or Fourth of July, using a color scheme to start your party planning is a great jumping off point to provide a pop of color and theme to your occasion.

Balloon Alternatives 

Looking for an alternative to balloons for your party? Why not try streamers, pennant flags, or even solar or led powered string lights to set the mood? The lights will provide extra lighting after dark and create a soft ambiance to enjoy night after night. Don’t forget to put any anchors for lights or streamers in flower beds or attached to tree branches so you don’t puncture the lining of your turf.

Picking the Menu

It’s not a party without food! Pick some things to grill (a great option to cater to people with varying diets), or pick a selection of small plates or appetizers to cater to picky eaters and young kids whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs. And don’t forget dessert!

Set the Table … or Don’t

Decide what kind of event you want to have and how much seating you can provide. Do you want to have a sit-down dinner where people can sit across from one another or a more informal gathering where people can mingle and move around to talk to one another? Fortunately, your turf can play host to tables and chairs, so you can easily choose several pub tables for “stations” or one large table for everyone to find a seat.

Summer Beverages

Don’t forget a variety of beverages – alcoholic or not – and pick a few special selections – sparkling, sweet, or a fun sangria or spritzer, to commemorate the night. And don’t worry about spills! Your turf can handle that too.

Pick a Backdrop

Using easels or a picture frame for guests to pose with will help them remember the night for weeks and years to come!

When it’s all said and done – don’t stress about clean up. Your easy-care synthetic turf will make clean up well, a piece of cake!