If you have a pool and you’ve ever wished to not have to clean grass out of your pool, read on!

Are your kids consistently getting wet grass stuck to the bottom of their feet and tracking it into the house? Wanting more green space compared to more concrete in your back yard? Synthetic Turf can help with these issues, and more!

Good for Looks

Synthetic Turf creates an attractive landscape in your backyard and is safer and more inviting than concrete, and it’s not going to lead to a mud pit or dead grass or brown patches in your yard since there is no dirt or grass to kill.


Spend more time enjoying your pool than worrying about kids slipping on wet concrete. Synthetic turf means less of a chance of skinned knees.

Less Maintenance

Debris in the pool means lots of time being spent cleaning it out so your pool works properly. If your pool is surrounded by natural grass, you’ll constantly be cleaning out grass blades and dirt from the pool (and your house). Save time and money by installing a turf surround for your backyard!