If you have a fenced in yard and have a pet-friendly home, creating an outdoor space is a great way to keep your pets happy and a chance to get outside, and keep your house clean at the same time (psst: no muddy paw prints inside!)

Creating a place that they can get fresh air, sun-bathe, and spot passing critters from a spot that’s safe for them and within your watchful eye, is a treat for them, and a luxury for you.

Options for dog-runs

An easy option if you want a separate space for your dog is a commercial enclosure that serves as a glorified playpen for your pet. You can choose to add a roof or covering to shade your pet from the sun or an occasional shower. You can customize the size and shape to fit your dog’s needs or build to suit depending on what you need and want for your family and yard.

Catios for Patios

Don’t forget that cats like to sunbathe too. By installing a catio, your cat will enjoy spending time outside checking out birds and sunbathing – either on an outdoor window ledge or an enclosure with shelves and alcoves for climbing, prowling, or snoozing.

Practical Add-ons and Things to Think About

  • A cover to keep pets cool and out of the direct sun
  • Doors with latching systems that keep pets safe and predators out
  • Amenities to hold food and water bowls, bedding, and room to romp and toys to keep them entertained
  • Consider the properly sized structure for your pet and decide if you want a permanent or portable structure

Layered with Turf

Regardless of the size or kind of space you end up creating for your pet, flooring the space with synthetic turf is a no-brainer; it adds a level of comfort for your pet, is easy to clean when you need to clean up pet waste, and it will blend in with the rest of your already inviting outdoor living space.



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