The biggest difference you’ll immediately notice day in and day out between natural grass and synthetic turf is the time you’ll save maintaining your lawn. Gone are the days of keeping your grass alive and trimmed. With a synthetic lawn, a little cleaning is all it takes to maintain it.


While synthetic turf doesn’t produce any lawn waste, picking up other debris that may fall from leaves or twigs is important to prevent potential damage and keep it looking great.

Large branches with sharp edges can damage the mesh backing on the base of your turf and potentially poke through the infill, so it’s important to remove heavier debris as soon as possible.

Using the Right Tool for the Job

When you’re cleaning your synthetic grass, it’s important to remember to not use metal tools that may tear the mesh foundation – causing damage that’s difficult to repair.

Tools for synthetic turf maintenance:

Blowers: For small lawns, a leaf blower can keep leaves off the lawn and into piles so you can move them to compost or dispose of them.

Power broom: For larger lawns, a power broom is perfect for keeping your artificial grass clean and fluffed.

Lawn Rakes with Plastic Tines: Gently lift and separate your synthetic blades of grass to make it look fuller and well-groomed. A rake will also help rake leaves and other debris away.

Leaf and grass catchers: Large, wheeled lawn rakes are great for larger lawns. While they’re meant to capture grass clippings, they’ll also work well for removing leaves.


An organic turf wash kills existing bacteria and destroys and prevent lingering odors from pet waste. Organic spray is safe to use in areas where children and animals play.

Turf washes come in containers can easily be sprayed with a garden hose to easily spray a wide area. By applying a spray every couple of months will help your lawn stay vibrant and smelling odor free.

Once turf is installed, your days of mowing, trimming, raking, and fertilizing is over. Spend a few minutes to keep it free from debris and odors will save you time that you can spend with your family and do other things you’d rather do.

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