Synthetic Turf Playgrounds: A Clean, Safe Way To Play

Every parent will tell you they want their children enjoying only the safest of playgrounds. Not just for homes, a growing number of schools and day care facilities are creating more outdoor play opportunities for the kids they serve. Synthetic turf provides the cleanest and safest solution for any outdoor play area.

Synthetic turf provides an ideal playground area for children.

Safe Play

Synthetic turf is designed to be the safest, most advanced playground surface, changing the way kids play. The durability of artificial turf provides maximum safety for as long as possible. From covering up potholes, providing a little extra cushion, to avoiding common safety hazards all together. Compared to other common surfaces used at playgrounds and daycare centers, fake grass has plenty of advantages. Aside from the benefits it provides over regular grass, it is a much safer choice than cement.


No More Mess

With artificial turf, there is no more mess as with sand, mulch and dirt. Synthetic turf playgrounds offer the cleanest and easiest surface to maintain. As Florida’s leading synthetic turf company, our team has more than 40 years in outdoor playground design. We can design and install an outdoor play area that will always provide a clean, safe and soft surface to enjoy for years to come.

Artificial turf provides an ideal playground area for children.


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