While there are plenty of options to use turf outside, there are plenty of ways to use synthetic turf inside your home as well. We already love artificial grass for outside because it is a no-fuss solution for any landscape challenge, but read on for a few examples of how it can be versatile inside as well.


Floor Coverings

If you’re ready to think outside the box, what about using artificial turf to cover your floors? It always looks good, feels good under feet, and is tough, long-lasting, and stain resistant. Consider using it in active spaces, such as a kids’ room, bonus room, fitness room, or man cave. It may actually be a cleaner option for some areas of your home.


It’s also a no-brainer option for sunroom or screened in porches, or used to extend your patio onto the grass for a seamless look, or for an upstairs balcony – at your home or apartment.


Taking it Vertical


Turf is an obvious option for floors, but don’t rule out installing it vertically. Since it doesn’t need water, you can install it on the walls, ceiling or rooftop for an interesting wall installation to make a statement in your lobby, foyer, sunroom, or bathroom to name a few.

Synthetic turf can also be used to create zero-maintenance topiaries to add to your front entrance or flanking a focal point around your fireplace or console in an entryway.

It’s Not All Green

If green turf inside doesn’t fit your decor, don’t worry – you’re in luck! Synthetic turf comes in a wide range of colors – so you can use turf for a corporate logo for your floor or wall, create a statement wall in a kids’ room in their favorite color, create an indoor football field in a bonus room, or customize your welcome mat in your home’s color scheme.

Let one of our experts walk you through your project today, and help you create the design of your dreams – for your yard or the inside of your home!