Benefits of Synthetic Turf in Commercial Settings

An ongoing expense for property owners is lawn care and landscaping maintenance. But what if you could cut down on those expenses once and for all? You can start by switching to synthetic turf.

By switching to turf, you’ll not only save on landscaping expenses and the hassle of scheduling, but you’ll also get better results as well. It’s a win-win.35834426_2191678490847900_6491487749554569216_n.jpg

How does synthetic turf cut cost?

Lawn maintenance has many other line items – it’s not a one size fits all type of expense. You’re also paying for fertilizer and pesticides, repair or replacement for sod; equipment, including trimming, leaf blowers, and mowers as well as the gas and oil to operate them (and the expense to tune them up); water to keep things green; and labor to maintain your lawn and landscaping.

These recurring expenses add up and make it impractical for commercial properties.

By cutting the indirect costs of traditional landscaping, you can also customize your space and make the best impression to your clients and vendors at your commercial location.

35720432_2188402211175528_8747868871710474240_n.jpgAdditional benefits

So what does maintenance look like on a commercial space? A quick rinse will remove dust when necessary, and a stiff-bristled broom can re-fluff blades.

When debris occurs or you need to tidy up, a power broom can take care of that easily in addition to maintaining other exterior spaces.

Since synthetic turf doesn’t grow, it’s easier to maintain the same look and length of your grass, day after day. No need to worry about planting grass around trees or in the shade – turf can fit small spaces as well as larger expanses.

With a one-time capital upgrade, you’ll avoid the constant time, attention, and costs that traditional landscaping often sucks your wallet dry.



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