7 Benefits of Artificial Lawn for an Evergreen Turf in 55 + Community

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Anyone who has had experience with dealing with an unruly lawn and garden knows the amount of time it can take to maintain it.

Especially if you are a seasoned homeowner, the last thing you might want to do is have to continually do things to keep up the appearance of your garden.

This is why artificial lawns and evergreen turf might just be the solution for you! In this article, we will explain and go through seven fantastic benefits of having an artificial lawn if you are in the 55 plus community.

Read on to get the scoop and positives of evergreen turf and low maintenance lawns!

1. It’s Completely Free from Debris

Mud and dirt can get everywhere and ruin carpets and cleaned floors. If you have teenage children or even grandchildren, you know how messy they can get when they are outside kicking a ball or playing games.

With artificial lawns, it is completely mud-free, which means that even if those pesky children don’t take their shoes off before going into the house your floors will still be sparkling clean!

2. You Will Never Have To Mow Your Lawn Again

This should be music to your ears! With artificial lawns and evergreen turf, it means you can get rid of your lawnmower for good.

A lot of people hate this weekly chore of having to mow the grass. Depending on the size of your garden this could take anywhere from 10 minutes up to an hour.

The lawn will look pristine and fresh from the moment it is laid. You will never have to spend time maintaining it or pushing around a lawnmower in the heat or rain!

3. It’s Pet and enviromentally Friendly

If you have animals such as dogs and cats they can often try and eat grass which can leave them feeling unwell. With artificial lawns, they won’t try and eat it and will generally leave it alone.

Also, pets have a tendency to try and dig up gardens and bury things in the soil. With an artificial lawn, this will no longer be a problem. This means a smooth and clean looking garden with no holes or mud spots.

Artificial lawns are also very easy to clean if you have any dog or cat mess to pick up.

It can be a lot easier than having to deal with a regular lawn in that respect, all you need is a bit of cloth or plastic bag to remove the mess.

4. It Saves You Plenty of Money in Water, Maintenance and pest control Bills

Did you know that the average cost of keeping an acre of grass watered every month can cost up to $200? That means that you could be spending around $1,200 every year just watering your garden alone!

And that’s not even including your household water use. By having an artificial lawn you can put that sprinkler or hosepipe back in the shed.

You won’t need to water your lawn again and it will still be a vibrant and luscious green color all year round.

By having an evergreen turf lawn this can reduce your water bills every month. Why waste your money on a lawn that is a sponge for water and needs constant attention?

It is also better for the environment as that amount of water saved, which can be up to 55 gallons a square foot a year, can be conserved for other uses.

5. It Saves You Time to Focus on Other Things

Your free time at weekends is precious. Why spend it doing banal chores like mowing your lawn every weekend?

You should be able to spend your free time relaxing and enjoying yourself instead of pushing around a lawnmower.

If you are in the 55 plus community then perhaps you don’t want to overexert yourself when you don’t have to.

Getting an artificial lawn allows you more time to focus on doing the things you enjoy. Spend time having a cocktail or a beer on your perfectly manicured lawn instead of having to mow it!

6. No More Weeds

Weeds and unwanted plants that grow on your lawn can play havoc with the overall look of your lawn and can make it look patchy and uneven.

Not only that but you will constantly have to maintain your lawn and pull those weeds out. Excessive bending down and gardening can be strenuous on the body and can cause injuries such as back pain or pulled muscles.

With an artificial lawn, weeds will no longer be an issue. Your garden will look perfect all the time and you won’t need to worry about unwanted weeds and plants growing on your grass.

7. Perfect If You Have a Holiday Home

If you split your time between different households or have a holiday home that you escape to a couple of times a year, you might be away for long periods of time.

This means that you won’t be able to maintain your garden regularly or you might have to pay someone to maintain it for you whilst you aren’t there.

With an artificial lawn, you don’t need to worry if you are absent from the home for long stretches of time. It will need no maintenance from the moment you are away to the moment you come back.

It is great for a family, couple, or individual that has multiple properties in different locations.

Evergreen Turf: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope you have enjoyed this article on artificial lawns and evergreen turf for the 55 plus community.

There are plenty of benefits for why choosing an artificial lawn for your home can save you money, time, and hassle, so you can live a more stress-free lifestyle.

Why waste your time doing tasks that you dislike? Getting an evergreen turf lawn can solve so many of your problems with your outdoor space.

If you have any further questions or queries on evergreen turf, why not contact us directly?

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