Synthetic Turf Installation in Stuart

Since the early 1960s, synthetic turf has been transforming lawns and commercial spaces, but thanks to today’s technology, the options and products available now are better in many ways. Let’s take a look at some popular, but wrong myths about synthetic turf.


Myth 1: Grass and Infill are Toxic to the Environment

Artificial grass is non-toxic, uses less water to maintain, and the infill uses recycled materials that show no link to cancer or diseases.

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, since 1990, the council has identified more than 90 technical studies that looked at the various health and human safety questions relating to the use of recycled rubber as an aftermarket product. They have estimated whether toxins are present at any level of concern, whether the human body can access them, and if exposure over time increases risk. The majority of the studies were conducted independently by academic institutions and government agencies. The studies have failed to find any link between recycled rubber infill and cancer or any other health risks.

Myth 2: It’s Unsafe for Kids and Pets

Where holes can create spots to trip kids up in natural grass, and slippery surfaces can be bad for kids, synthetic turf has neither of those issues. With FallSoft technology, your kids will be protected with falls up to five feet, making it a no brainer under play structures. It’s also a healthier option for kids with allergies since it will never produce pollen.

Myth 3: Bacteria and Odors from Pet Waste Build-up in the lawn

You’re going to pick up solid waste from your dog wherever it goes to the bathroom, and a quick rinse with your hose will eliminate any other reminders it was there. As for the urine, that will drain away and nothing remains on the surface level to smell, making it a win for pets!


Myth 4: Synthetic Grass Limits Landscaping Options

Synthetic turf is a great centerpiece for your lawn – and flowering or shady trees are definitely invited to this party, should you choose! While certain species of trees aren’t recommended to go under turf because of their root systems, don’t be discouraged that you won’t have options.

In addition to these four reasons we de-bunked, don’t forget about the water saved, the time and fuel not spent on mowing, and the chemicals you won’t be spraying on your lawn and running into the groundwater.

Be green – use our turf!
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