7 Key Benefits of Having Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

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artificial turf for playgrounds

Playing outside is vital to social and physical development for kids. Pediatricians recommend that they spend at least 3 hours outside every day.

Are you in the United States and building or updating a playground for children? You want to create a safe environment that’s easy to maintain and can hold up to their boundless young energy.

Choosing a sturdy, safe material like artificial turf for playgrounds can help prevent injuries and more. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider artificial grass for your public or private playground.

1. Safer Than Other Playground Materials

Every year more than 200,000 kids aged 14 years old and younger end up in the emergency room because of injuries on the playground. According to the CDC, 1 in 10 of those children suffer a traumatic brain injury.

Natural grass is hard and cannot absorb the shock of a child falling. Artificial turf absorbs shock better than natural grass to help lessen the impact of a fall.

Wood chips and bark have sharp ends that can cut or stab when children fall. Artificial grass is soft and the smooth blades do not cut.

Shredded tire tends to get very hot in direct sunlight and makes it difficult for kids with mobility issues to access the playground. Artificial turf meets ATSM safety requirements while staying cool like natural grass. It also allows for children of all physical abilities to play safely.

2. Minimize Allergies

Many children suffer from seasonal and outdoor allergies like hay fever. If you’ve ever suffered from allergies, you know how uncomfortable that can be.

Natural grass is full of pollen and other natural allergens that also irritate children with sensitive skin. Installing artificial grass helps to cut down or completely eliminate allergic reactions for most kids.

3. Weather Resistant and Durable

Outdoor playgrounds get exposed to all kinds of weather from wind and rain to snow and sun. Natural grass requires regular watering during dry times and proper drainage during rainy ones.

You could try rubber or sand instead. However, the rubber cracks and fades in the sunlight and sand still pools and get muddy.

Artificial grass can hold up to all of these weather conditions while still maintaining the same bright color. You don’t need to worry about big mud puddles either because it has exceptional drainage. That means kids can play basically as soon as it stops raining without slipping.

4. Cleaner

Children can’t help but get dirty when they’re outside playing in natural grass. Even sand or recycled tire can leave children grimy and dusty. Many parents also worry about their younger children accidentally eating some of the dirt, sand, or tire pieces.

Artificial turf eliminates all of these issues. No real grass means no grass stains. No puddles mean no sopping or muddy clothes in a freshly cleaned car.

5. Less Time and Money Spent on Maintenance

Artificial turf’s drainage capabilities and durability also mean less time and money spend on maintenance. Natural grass needs watering and regular fertilizer to stay lush and green. It also needs mowing when it grows too high.

Finding time to do maintenance on a public playground can prove difficult since they’re usually open and occupied every day during daylight hours. Schools and daycares need to find other activities to entertain the children when weekly lawn maintenance arrives.

Synthetic grass does not require any of this maintenance. You need to occasionally clean it, but that’s easier than weekly watering, weeding, and mowing. The only thing you may need to do daily is pick up sticks or leaves blown down from nearby trees.

Loose-fill and bark/wood chips might be easier than natural grass, but they still require more time and maintenance than artificial turf. Artificial grass doesn’t blow away in the wind, nor do they need raking because it doesn’t move.

Less maintenance means lower costs. You can easily clean artificial turn with a vacuum, leaf blower, or a hose. So you can do the cleaning yourself rather than hiring a service company.

6. Environmentally Friendly

All that watering and pesticide needed to cut down on bugs and insects in natural grass takes a toll on the environment. Artificial grass requires no watering or pesticides. It always looks healthy and green, no matter the weather conditions.

You do not need to mow or weed synthetic grass. This cuts down on gas and chemical weed killers, making artificial turf an environmentally friendly option for playgrounds.

7. Looks and Feels Great

Modern synthetic turn has that natural aesthetic that comes from sod or regular grass. It helps maintain the outdoor feel better than tire while being much more comfortable than sand or wood chips.

Other playground materials cannot match artificial grass. You will not end up with worn areas or big holes in the ground. That means your playground always looks and feels great for children and adults alike.

Buy High-Quality Artificial Turf for Playgrounds in Florida

Once you understand the benefits of artificial grass, the choice of what material to use in your playground becomes easy. You will not find a safer or better option than artificial turf for playgrounds.

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