While synthetic turf looks good – you may be asking yourself – is it durable enough for your needs? To that, we say — yes!

Durable enough for the Climate

While natural grass has been developed into varieties to fit different climates, turf needs no introduction or special treatment. Turf will always look good in your lawn.

Complete Synthetic Turf - Pet Turf

Durable enough for Fido

Durable enough for bathroom time and the largest of dogs – artificial turf changes your concerns of wear and tear to another day at the park! Not only will you not have to worry about smells or stains, but it’s also dig-proof, so other lawn predators can’t make a home in your grass!

Durable enough for the toughest of kids

… and your neighbor’s kids! Because synthetic turf is so fun to play on, your yard will be the most popular place on the street. And gone are the days of tracking muddy footprints into the house!


Durable enough for professional sports

Professional sports teams have increasingly chosen turf because it’s so tough and durable. Yes, it looks sharp too, but a big draw is the playability and safety of the players.  


Durable enough to withstand backyard gatherings

Barefoot friendly, but tough enough for toys, games, and tables and chairs; synthetic turf is the perfect backdrop for BBQs, grad parties, bridal showers, birthdays, and more!

The only place it’s soft on?

Your wallet! Synthetic grass is financially friendly in every way: from saving money on lawn maintenance supplies; saving on water; boots your property value and pays for itself in a short time period.

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